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This is the sharing of an average woman's adventures (mainly successes) in the kitchen. I love food. I love my family and friends. I love to laugh (even if it's at my expense). These recipes reflect what my family eats: mainly vegetarian meals with the additional fish, chicken and some turkey recipe thrown in. Healthy cooking is often the goal, but not at the expense of taste (though this is quite personal, isn't it?). And once in a blue moon, I have some redneck food adventures (that include *gasp*, processed food). Dun, dun, dun.

The blog name is representative of my little family's life....practicality and toned-down gourmet (see "Haystacks" entry). Haystacks are synonymous with the majority of how we eat: cheap, good, healthy food--while champagne is synonymous with our occasional splurges: eating out, gourmet ingredients, and life celebrations.

So check back and I will try to post as often as my imperfect life will allow. Meanwhile, enjoy the ride!

Disclaimers (or, the things I am not):

I'm a semi-vegetarian. I am not a professional cook, more like a food-preparation apprentice. And sometimes, quite honestly, a food idiot.

As can be seen, I am not a professional photographer. I hope to improve, but in the meantime, please excuse the lack of photography"skills"...

In addition, no matter how much I proofread, you will have to cope with errors in spelling, grammar, or spacing. I'm not a writer either. 

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