Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hueveos Rancheros

Want a fun and different weekend breakfast? We just got back from California and I was craving these huevos rancheros that we had in a little bistro near the ocean in Santa Monica. I can't even believe that the version below was better than what we ate out, but it was. And it's so easy!

You can easily double the recipe for more people and you can also use refried beans, if you prefer. You can also skip the beans or eat them on the side. If you don't have salsa, just use some Rotel diced tomatoes and chilies-you can doctor it up with cilantro or corn if you're feeling adventurous.

Serves 2

2 large or extra large eggs
4 small corn tortillas
~1/2 cup black beans (Cuban style, if you can find them) or pinto beans
~3/4 cup salsa (I mixed a more watery hot salsa with some Rotel tomatoes & chilies), warmed
~1/2 cup shredded Mexican cheese blend

Cook your eggs to your liking--you can scramble them or cook them sunnyside up the way I did above (we don't like runny yolks, but different strokes for different folks, right?). Add salt and pepper to the eggs as they are cooking. When cooked, cover and keep warm (you can keep the eggs warm by covering with aluminum foil in a preheated oven--about 200-250 degrees).

Using some Pam or coooking spray, heat up the corn tortillas until they start to bubble (flip) and slightly brown (just slightly).

On two separate plates, add a couple tablespoons of salsa. Put 2 heated and crisped corn tortillas on top of the salsa. Divide the beans evenly atop the tortillas and add one egg on top of these tortillas. Sprinkle with cheese and top with more salsa. (You can add fresh chopped cilantro or diced avocado as well).

Makes 2 amazingly delicious servings.

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