Thursday, April 22, 2010

Moccachino (with hidden ingredients)

On a recent family visit, we went to Costco and ran across "The Vitamix Guy". He was making these delicious moccachinos and gave us all samples. He kept mentioning how you can sneak in fiber by adding carrot, squash, cabbage or spinach without tasting it. We didn't believe him, but sure enough, when we had that sample, there was no vegetable to be tasted.

I went home & gave it a whirl (since I'm always looking up reasons to use my Vitamix). I'm sure a professional blender/stronger blender can do a good job. Here's my finding: if you make a "skinnier" version of this moccachino, you have a greater ability to sniff out the veggies. If you use half & half, you really have to hunt to taste for them. It's really good either way. (I'm sure you all think I'm off my rocker putting veggies in a frappucino-type drink)

And if you are a purist, just leave out the veggies. I made these for company & my friends were new addicts.


1 cup half & half (can use skim milk, rice milk, or soy milk)
1 Tbsp. honey or agave syrup (optional--but agave is better)
1 capful (or tsp.) vanilla extract
3 Tbsp. instant coffee (can substitute double strength coffee, coffee syrup, espresso)
1/4 cup Carnation chocolate drink (or as I've found, hot chocolate mix)
Approx. half a blender full of ice to chill & thicken

Process on high speed until thick.

Serves 2-4 depending on how whether you like talls or grandes.

*Note: if you decide to sneak in veggies, do NOT use onion, celery or bell pepper--these have really strong flavors that will most definately affect the taste for the worst.

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